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100% grass-fed Ruby Red beef from our low-input organic pasture in the Mendip Hills.



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Here at Ebbor Gorge Beef, we want to put the tastiest, most nutritious beef on your table for the enjoyment of your family and friends.

100% Pasture for Life certified grass fed, low input, high in omega 3, tender, succulent beef. 

We farm in harmony with nature, keeping native Ruby Red cattle to produce the highest quality slow-grown beef. We only sell meat from cattle that have been born and lived all their lives on the farm. The cows have a good life, wildlife abounds, our carbon footprint is minimal (or even negative) and we get the very best meat.

It’s a win win win win situation. Everything in the system benefits everything in the system.

How do we farm with nature?

Mostly by "not doing". Mostly by giving it space to do its own thing.

By not using synthetic chemicals – fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, wormers.

By not disturbing the soil through ploughing.

By encouraging wild flowers and herbs to grow in our pastures.

By planting belts of trees and shrubs, shelter and food for cattle and wildlife.

By rotationally grazing our Ruby Reds through the woods and fields in every season, in every kind of Mendip weather.

It's not the easiest way to farm.

It doesn’t produce the most beef.

But it is beef you can eat with a clear conscience.

Organic/100% grass fed/low input

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